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The important things are not the writing and the speaking, but the love I share with the people who surround me and the events that have shaped my life.


In my first visit to Korea, back in 1964, we lived on a farm with no
electricity and no running water, and this city kid fell in love with traditional Korea.

Another photo of the farm.

My Korean family; 1964 (holding one-year-old Laura).

Wedding of our son, 2007
Wedding of our son, 2007.

Family reunion in Korea, 2007
Family reunion in Korea; 2007.

Some fun things... a llama, and the Swiss alps

     ancient temple site
Stayed in a remote, ancient Buddhist temple in the mountains of Korea.

And explored the ancient trade routes across the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts of China and from Khiva to Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

The Queen's Ceremony

We joined the descendants of the queen for the annual Confucian ceremony at her tomb site. Her tomb in on the hill in the background.

Playing the cello, in the orchestra and with my family.

Royal Archives in Seoul, Korea
Royal Archives; Seoul, 2005.

Montana Bike Ride
Riding through the French Alpilles.

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